What Do GenZers Want in a Job?

LinkedIn’s Workforce Confidence Survey (LinkedIn News Report)  looked at what would prompt GenZ workers (as well as those from other generations) to change jobs. Here are highlights for GenZers:

  • 80% wanted better alignment with their interests and values
  • 76% wanted more opportunities to learn

Better compensation was only slightly better at 76% than the desire to pursue a new job function or industry (75%).

Interesting, huh?

Makes me wonder if managers can ever do enough to keep a good employee. I hear time and again about employees who quit even though their employer accommodated family and other personal issues, allowed them to work from home and have a flexible schedule, and gave opportunities for advancement and continued learning.

Could it be that some people want the change to a new job to energize their careers? Perhaps GenZers are more comfortable with change and thrive on the spark, the newness, they get from switching jobs.

If that’s the case, managers shouldn’t be too hard on themselves. Yes, it’s important to keep talented workers engaged, growing, and valued, but I wouldn’t take it personally when the employee decides to move on.

The best defense is building a bench of talent, grooming people to step into new roles and take on new responsibilities, and thinking of recruiting (both internally and externally) as a continuous process.

What do you think?