Tips for Parents Returning to the Workforce in 2022 Nordstrom Williams

Tips for Parents Returning to the Workforce in 2022

The pandemic forced many mothers and fathers to leave their jobs to take care of children who were now home during the day. Many of these parents are ready to re-enter the workforce when school starts back up in the fall.

Here are a few tips to prepare for your return:

1. Let Go of Guilt

Changing routines can be difficult for anyone at any time. Whether you’re returning to work because you have to or because you want to get back to your career, it’s a valid reason. Still, you may feel a pang of guilt after holding down the fort for so long. Everyone in your household probably got used to you always being there for them. So make sure you talk to your family before beginning your job search and let them know you’ll be returning to work.

They may need a refresher on what exactly that means for them. Remind them how things worked before the pandemic and what routines they’ve gotten used to that may be disrupted or changed altogether.

Preparing everyone for change, along with yourself, should ease any guilt you may feel about returning to the workforce.

2. Prepare Your Mindset

Switching from parent to professional mode can feel daunting after being away for so long, so start preparing for the mental shift before you begin interviewing.

A couple of slight changes you can make:

  • Treat your mornings like you’re already back in the office. Whatever adjustments you need to make with your own routine and that of your children, start them now so everyone’s back in the habit before you begin your new job.
  • Talk about your career. With your partner or friends or whoever will listen. This subtle change will get your mind back in professional mode and help you speak more confidently about your past achievements when interviewing.
  • Update your wardrobe. You probably have plenty of business casual clothes hanging in your closet, but adding one or two new pieces signals to yourself and others that you’re back in business.

3. Set Expectations with Your New Employer

Most modern companies will understand the flexibility a working parent sometimes needs. Even if you’ve worked out your new schedule with everyone, things happen—doctor’s appointments, sick days, and so on.

Make sure your new manager understands your situation and will be flexible with you. As long as you’re productive, most employers can accommodate occasional schedule changes.


If you’re a parent planning your return to work, let Nordstrom Williams be your guide back into the workforce. We’re a talent acquisition partner who believes in developing long-lasting relationships with job seekers through all phases of their personal and professional lives. Contact us today and we’ll help you with your return to the workforce.

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