Three Tips to Help Prioritize Your Mental Health During Your Job Search

Three Tips to Help Prioritize Your Mental Health During Your Job Search

Job searching can be very stressful. While it may consume hours of your day, it doesn’t have to take over your entire life. There are a few ways to relieve stress and tension, even during a time when things may feel uncertain.

Here are three ways to prioritize mental health as you look for the right position.

     1. Marathon Mentality Versus a Sprint

When approaching your job search, use a long-term approach. It can take time to find the right opportunity and fit. If you can, allow yourself a cushion. Some interviews can take several rounds before an offer is made. Knowing this going in will help you as you wait to hear back from employers. Job hunting can be a numbers game. Remember to pace yourself and not burn out too early in the process. 

     2. Have a Strong Support System 

LinkedIn is a wonderful place to begin to build a supportive community. As you begin to network, you will meet several other job seekers, some may even be in the same field. Search for job-seeking webinars or even take time to have a Zoom call with new connections.

Keep in mind that recruiting firms also have trained professionals waiting to help you through each part of the job search. These connections can lead you to the right position.

It is also great for your mental health to have friends that you can share your frustrations and wins with. It will make the journey less lonely and it will be fun to celebrate together when you do land a job. 

      3. Know When to Stop 

Thanks to online applications, you could spend almost every minute applying for jobs. Consider setting a timer on your phone before you start applying and only go for one to two hours at a time.

Don’t be afraid to adjust according to what works best for you. If you are sharper in the evening, then carve out time at night to look for a new role. If you are a morning person, use that time to apply.

Endless searching can cause fatigue. Even if it is just getting up, walking away from your desk, and stretching for 20 minutes before you continue, give yourself time to rest. This will help you proceed with fresh eyes each time and put your best foot forward.

Want to Cut Your Job Hunt Time Down?

Consider utilizing a talent acquisition professional. They can save you time and mental energy as well. Once you send in your resume, they will search for positions that are a good fit for you. They can also provide valuable feedback on things to change and add to your resume and coach you through the interview process to increase your chances of being hired. Currently, our firm at Nordstrom Williams has several open positions for you to browse in fields like construction and civil engineering. Let us help take the stress out of your job search. Contact our office today!

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