Didn't Land Your Dream Job? Three Tips to Dust Yourself Off & Find Your Next Opportunity

Didn’t Land Your Dream Job? Three Tips to Dust Yourself Off & Find Your Next Opportunity

It’s no secret that the job search can be brutal. After receiving rejection emails or finding out you didn’t land the ideal opportunity, it can be easy to feel defeated.

Here are a few ways you can stay motivated and build resilience as you look for the next position. 

      1. Mindset 

As all professionals know, mindset is a big part of the battle. Looking for a job day in and day out can be exhausting. Take time each day to step away and decompress. At the end of the day find something else entirely to focus on. Go for a walk. Get up and move around. Pulling yourself away from the screen for a break will help you come back refreshed. Remind yourself of the possibilities rather than the doors that have closed. Rejection is often redirection. Read stories of job seekers who found great opportunities online. Feeding your mind with positive input will help you stay optimistic. Remember, getting hired is often a numbers game. Even if you are excited, invest appropriately in each application, but don’t be afraid to move if it doesn’t work out. 

      2. Stay Connected 

Working with a recruiting firm can be extremely helpful as talent acquisition professionals will alert you of available jobs on a regular basis. You don’t have to search alone and additional support can be especially helpful when you are looking for the next step. 

     3. Work Your Warm Leads 

Even if a company doesn’t hire you initially, always send a thank you letter. Let them know that you are interested in opportunities in the future. Let any references know that you are still interested and seeking a new job. Building relationships on social platforms with employees and hiring managers can also be a good way to stay informed on the latest openings. The more people that know you are looking, the more possibility that someone will send you a potential lead. 

Positions are Open Now! 

Our recruiting firm currently has multiple positions open in the Buffalo area. You can browse our job opportunities here and call our office with any questions. We are here to support you and match you with a job that will be the right fit long term. We also offer several resources to aid you in your process and can advise you on everything from your resume to interviewing. Hit the refresh button on your career search and contact us today!

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