Happy Dogs Make Happy Workers

Dog Walking at Work
Take a break from work and walk the dog!

This is National Walk Your Dog Week. Do happy dogs make happy workers? Many employers think so.

The founder of the “movement” Pet Advocate Colleen Paige, aims to improve the health and well-being of America’s dogs. She joins health care professionals in advocating walking just 30 minutes a day, three times a week, to lower blood pressure, increase energy, and increase endorphins, those “happy chemicals” in canine and human brains.

My toy poodle Coco and I don’t need a national campaign to convince us to get moving. We take a walk every lunchtime: great exercise and mental stimulation–for both of us!

That’s why dogs can be a great addition to the workplace. They give an excuse to get up from the desk and head outside. And while you and Fido are en route to the door, chances are a colleague or two will stop and chat (if not to you, then surely to your pup!)

In workplaces where collaboration and team work are key, that connection can be good for business.  That’s why Amazon employees bring as many as 6,000 dogs on any given day to their Seattle headquarters!

A company’s pet-friendly policy is a job perk that can attract Millennials and other workers hoping to strike a work/life balance. Bringing the dog to work alleviates concerns about getting home at a certain time to care for the dog’s needs.

Looking for a dog-friendly place to work? Check out the Wellness 2018 Most Pet Friendly Companies.  If you’re thinking about implementing a dog-friendly workplace, check out the resources at Dogs at Work.

Does your dog come to work with you?