Do Millennials Deserve Some R.E.S.P.E.C.T.?

The bright eyes of our next generation.

Last week, managers at two different companies told me that it was hard to hire and manage Millennials (those workers born roughly between 1982 and 1995). ‟They don’t want to pay their dues” and ‟they have such a sense of entitlement” I was told.

But is the next generation that different? As Jason Feifer observes in the September issue of Entrepreneur Magazine  which features a 13-year-old on the cover, ‟We dismiss today’s youth the same way you and I were once dismissed by those older than us.” Are today’s up-and-comers just like the ‟self-admiring, emaciated fribbles” the next generation was labeled in 1771?

Maybe instead of labeling them or thinking that they are so different, we could listen to them. Their fresh eyes might just bring innovative solutions to some of our biggest challenges. Maybe we could learn from them, even as we mentor them. It’s not that there won’t be challenges to managing and keeping them, but let’s face it, we need them. Isn’t it time to change our perspective and find ways to help “the next generation” thrive?

What success have you had engaging Millennials and Post Millennials in your workplace?