Nordstrom Williams has established itself as a beacon of talent acquisition excellence. Our journey is marked by a commitment to personal, targeted, and results-oriented  solutions.

Our approach extends beyond the mere qualifications and responsibilities of a role. We engage deeply with our hiring managers to discern not only the skills needed but also the unique attributes of candidates who will excel.

Similarly, we attentively listen to our candidates, asking insightful questions to  comprehend their career aspirations. Then we present them with opportunities that are not just jobs, but stepping stones to ‘take them where they want to be’.

Meet Lynn Novo - The Driving Force Behind Nordstrom Williams

Who would have thought that majoring in Ancient Greek and Latin could be a secret weapon in the business world? For Lynn Novo, our President and Principal Recruiter, it’s the rich tapestry of the humanities that has given her an edge in the recruiting field. It’s not just about language skills; she has piloted her own airplane, competed in ballroom dancing, and taught hundreds of people how to chop an onion without crying in her cooking classes! Her story is a vivid illustration that in the world of talent acquisition, understanding a person’s potential is key to unlocking it.

Our Mission: Connecting Talent with Opportunity

Lynn’s diverse pursuits have honed her ability to see beyond the conventional, to understand the multifaceted nature of individuals. For her, it’s about the art of connection, the power of engaging questions, and the ability to truly understand people’s stories. She’s not just finding candidates; she’s helping them become heroes in their own professional odysseys.

A Network of Expertise: Our Collaborative Approach

At the helm of Nordstrom Williams, Lynn Novo combines her multifaceted experience with cutting-edge recruitment technology to redefine talent acquisition. Supported by a dedicated team of external research and administrative professionals, Lynn employs advanced Boolean search techniques and the latest digital tools to uncover exceptional talent. Our approach is not limited to active job seekers; we identify high-caliber professionals who excel in their fields, often those not actively seeking new opportunities. Our collaborative approach, enhanced by modern technology, extends our reach and amplifies our effectiveness, ensuring we uphold the highest standard of service and results for our clients and candidates alike.

Committed to Our Community

Lynn Novo’s commitment to the community extends beyond Nordstrom Williams. As a Board Member of the  National Association of Women In Construction (NAWIC) Buffalo-Niagara Chapter, and an active member of the Construction Exchange of Buffalo and WNY (CONEX),  Lynn plays a pivotal role in shaping the industry’s future. Her contributions include writing articles for trade publications and offering classes on interviewing, hiring, and retention techniques. 

Committed to Our Community

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