Stop wasting time talking to candidates who are not a fit for your organization. We search for the top performers, and learn if they have the talent, drive, and personality to thrive in your environment. Our selection process saves you time so you can focus on growing the business.


Who will tell your story? Not just what is on your resume, but the important stuff like what motivates you, what you’re expert at, what makes you eager to get to work. For us at Nordstrom Williams, it’s not about matching people to job postings, it’s about helping talented people thrive in their careers.

People We Place

  • Architects at all levels
  • Civil Engineers 
  • MEP/FP Engineers
  • Construction Pros including:
    • Accountants
    • Salespeople
    • Project Managers

Our Services


Ever waste time interviewing “the perfect candidate” only to find that all those skills listed on the resume didn’t reflect actual work experience? We get details and substance to support our candidates’ credentials. And we tell their story- not just what they have done, but what they can do and where they want to be.


We help two types of candidates: those who are actively seeking a new job, and those who are content with their current job but who will make a move when a better opportunity comes along. Establish a relationship with Nordstrom Williams, and we’ll be there to let you know when your ideal opportunity comes along or when the time is right for you to make a change.

Building Success Together: Client and Candidate Experiences

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