How to Wow Your New Boss – 5 Ways to Start Your New Job Right

Congratulations on landing that new job! You probably expect to get some onboarding and training from your new employer to ensure that you are successful in your new role.

But are you also thinking about what you can do to make your new boss glad they hired you? As a recruiter who has placed hundreds of people in new jobs over the years, I am surprised at how often new hires disappoint their boss. Even senior level people get their new work relationship off to a rocky start unnecessarily.

Many of these things are merely annoyances that won’t jeopardize your job. But why do anything that makes your new boss uncomfortable? Besides, if your boss is comfortable and confident in their decision to hire you, your onboarding may speed up and more interesting work will be assigned to you. That will make you happier and more productive in your new role.

Here are five things that you can do to wow your new boss at your new job.

#1 Get to work on time. On second thought, get there early! Don’t be logging in or clocking in the minute you are expected to start (and certainly not minutes after you’re expected to start!). It’s a good practice to begin your workday at least 10-15 minutes early. If you don’t have any “real” work yet. Even if you just review your training materials or organize your desk, let your boss know that you are ready to work at the start time.

#2 Work a full day – even if the boss leaves early some days. Even in salaried jobs where you are not being paid by the hour, it is important to demonstrate your work ethic. If you need to take your laptop and work from home, then make sure your boss knows that your work is continuing after you leave the office. Don’t assume he or she will recognize that,

#3 Do not ask for personal time off within your first month at your new job. You want to demonstrate your commitment to your job and to your new company. You need to be there during those important first weeks at the new job. If you have scheduled appointments or required days off, it is best to let your new boss know when you are discussing the offer and acceptance.

#4 Complete assignments ahead of the deadline. If you are asked to do a project or research something, provide the information as quickly as possible. Adjust the “due date” in your planner to a day or two earlier. Treat “asap” as if the boss needed it yesterday!

#5 Participate in company or group activities.  Does the team have pizza for lunch together once a week? Join them, even if you don’t eat pizza! The connections you make with coworkers early in your new job help you learn more about the company. But more importantly, it shows your boss that you can fit in and want to be part of the team.

Those five things aren’t so hard, are they? Your new boss will notice your efforts, I assure you, and be glad they hired you.