Is Your Trendy Resume Hindering Your Job Search?

Every day we receive and review countless resumes, many of which are visually stunning. They come with colorful sidebars, intricate designs, and multi-column layouts that are quite impressive. At first glance, such trendy designs might seem to reflect a candidate’s attention to detail and creativity.

But here’s the million-dollar question: Are these eye-catching designs helping or hurting your job search?

What employees Really Care About

What Employees Really Care About In a Company

With the job landscape changing rapidly, it’s essential for companies to evaluate what they offer employees to maintain their competitive edge. What do potential hires and current employees really care about in a company? We surveyed a range of professionals and these three factors ranked as the most important:       1. Capable Management  Having …

What Makes You Unique?

How to Answer the Job Interview Question ‘What Makes You Unique?’

In today’s job market, the competition is fierce. Answers to interview questions that capture the attention of the hiring managers can be the difference between standing out and blending in with the crowd. Whether you have direct experience or transferable skills, marketing yourself in a way that shows results is key to convincing management that …

Want to stand out on LinkedIn Nordstrom Williams

Want to Stand Out to Employers on LinkedIn? Follow These 3 Tips

LinkedIn is your resume in social media form, and ‌it’s become just as important as your paper resume. Below are a few simple updates you can make to increase page views and job offers on LinkedIn. 1. Your Profile Photo Should Look Interview-Ready Dressing to impress for an interview is obvious. What’s less obvious is …

Are you getting enough sleep? Nordstrom Williams

Are You Getting Enough Sleep? If Not, You Could Face Negative Impacts on Your Career and Mental Health

May is Mental Health Awareness month. One aspect that impacts mental health and your career is the amount of sleep you get each night. Adequate sleep is required to restore and repair body systems. Proper sleep also helps the brain properly function. Long work hours, increasing stress levels, and regular use of electronic devices may …

How to Wow Your New Boss – 5 Ways to Start Your New Job Right

Congratulations on landing that new job! You probably expect to get some onboarding and training from your new employer to ensure that you are successful in your new role. But are you also thinking about what you can do to make your new boss glad they hired you? As a recruiter who has placed hundreds …