What Employees Really Care About In a Company

With the job landscape changing rapidly, it’s essential for companies to evaluate what they offer employees to maintain their competitive edge. What do potential hires and current employees really care about in a company? We surveyed a range of professionals and these three factors ranked as the most important:

      1. Capable Management 

Having a good leadership team can have a huge impact on whether or not your employees enjoy their day-to-day work. Ultimately your company’s values and mission statement are brought to life and carried out by those in charge.

Managers who reward good work, have high-level people skills, create a strong team atmosphere, and provide opportunities for growth will make current employees want to stay and prospective employees excited to work with you. Management is the foundation for building a solid company culture, and choosing leaders wisely will help your employees to flourish. 

     2. Schedule Flexibility  

In the post-COVID world, it makes sense that employees are used to working remotely online. However, offering remote work may not be feasible for every type of job, especially in the construction industry.

If this is the case, you may consider offering alternatives such as 4-day work weeks, late or early start times, or non-standard work hours. A flexible schedule can help entice prospective employees who have children or may prefer to work a certain shift. This also shows employees that you trust them enough to allow for flexibility as they juggle work-life balance. 

    3. Competitive Pay and Bonus Structure 

This may seem obvious, but pay still ranks at the top of the list. If you are offering a job and haven’t updated the salary range in several years, be sure to check the rates of other professionals with similar job descriptions and make changes accordingly. Keep in mind that inflation has increased costs and should be considered. Salaries also range depending on the area and the local cost of living.

Surveying local companies can help you when deciding on a pay range, as those interested in working for your company have likely applied for similar positions in the area. Having a competitive rate will not only help you attract great talent but additionally will help you retain your employees. 

Adding a defined bonus structure and ways for employees to “move up the ladder” at your company will go a long way in keeping them on board for years to come.

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