How to Answer the Job Interview Question ‘What Makes You Unique?’

In today’s job market, the competition is fierce. Answers to interview questions that capture the attention of the hiring managers can be the difference between standing out and blending in with the crowd. Whether you have direct experience or transferable skills, marketing yourself in a way that shows results is key to convincing management that you are the right person for the job.

Here are a few tips to help you craft an answer to the question, “What makes you unique?” and become the candidate who sticks out in the minds of your interviewers.

Be Specific with Your Skillset

Specificity communicates value and confidence. If you helped your department with a project or achieved a measurable metric be sure to include that. For example, you could mention, “During my time in sales, I increased our customer base by ____%” or “As a consultant, I solved the most difficult intercommunication issues and created a new system that increased productivity and cut cost by $_______ within a year.” Avoid simply using jargon and fill in your story with real-life examples that add undeniable value to the industry you are applying for. Hiring managers are likely to remember anecdotes and love the idea that you will be able to duplicate your results.

Research Ahead of Time

Researching the company before the interview and finding out what their needs are can give you valuable information as you formulate your answer. Read the job description carefully, talk to your talent acquisition professional, and if possible, even reach out to current employees on platforms like LinkedIn to find out what challenges the company is facing and how you can help solve a problem. When you are aware of their needs you can tailor your answers in a way that helps them imagine you uniquely solving their biggest problem, filling in their gaps, and being a member of the team that fits into the company’s culture.

Be Transparent

As with all interviews, honesty is the best policy. Being transparent about your background, creativity, and skills allows the employer to get a taste of the real you. It’s important not to embellish if you don’t have experience in a certain area, but it is helpful to highlight how your skills can easily transfer. Answering this question with the right amount of openness and in a genuine way will put you at ease and build rapport. Being yourself means not exaggerating or underselling. Be confident in your skills and personality and show an openness to learning as you give employers a snapshot of who you really are.

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