Forget Exit Interviews, Conduct Stay Interviews Instead

Anyone with a background in HR has heard of the initial job interview and the exit interview when employees leave. What many may not have heard of, however, is the newer trend of a stay interview. 

A stay interview could be your ticket to better retention, saving money, and improving the way your company operates overall. Read on for more info.

     1. What is a Stay Interview? 

A stay interview is a meeting a manager or CEO has with employees to gain their insight. In this meeting, leadership asks questions as a way to gauge the satisfaction of current employees. The meeting can cover things like if the job the employee is currently doing fits within their skillset and values, new projects, the working environment, and ideas the employee might have. Sitting down with employees allows them to be heard and gives those in leadership positions a chance to bring new solutions to the table. It’s also a great way to build rapport and relationships within the team the managers serve. 

     2. How It Can Help You 

Stay interviews are a strategic way to get ahead of potential problems. Regularly keeping in touch with employees may prevent them from leaving. These conversations can be a chance for you to keep a good employee who may be quietly considering exiting by bringing an understanding of their perspective or what would increase their job satisfaction. This is especially important in a market where job seekers have more options.

These interviews can also be a way of reconnecting if your employee has seemed distant or out of touch. Your employees know their positions inside and out. From improving processes to implementing programs, making space to communicate creates room for your employees to shine by highlighting their thoughts and ideas. Every leader knows, when employees are actively engaged, it helps the bottom line. Leveraging their thoughts and ideas increases their sense of buy-in and ownership in their position. 

     3. How To Get the Most Out a Stay Interview 

Making the stay interview about employee empowerment will cause their creativity to rise to the surface. Make sure that your meeting is in a relaxed setting. It’s important for your employee to feel comfortable. It should also be clear that these meetings are a safe space to bring up issues and areas where the company can make positive changes. The point of the meeting is to learn just the way a company would grow from consumer feedback. Ask open-ended questions and make time in the end for anything else the employee wants to share.

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