Why ‘Job Hoppers’ Might Be the Best Hire for Your Next Construction Project

Construction hiring is in full swing. But hiring managers should be cautious about placing too much emphasis on the duration of a candidate’s previous employment.

Candidates with shorter stints at their previous companies are often labeled as “job hoppers.” Read how this view may be outdated and could lead to missed opportunities in identifying the right talent.

Strategic Hiring in 2024

Strategic Hiring in A/E/C: Navigating the 2024 Landscape

In the world of architecture, construction, and civil engineering, the year 2024 presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities in hiring.

With the insights from Deloitte’s 2024 Industry Outlook  for engineering and construction and data from the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC)​​, let’s explore what this means for the hiring manager.

What employees Really Care About

What Employees Really Care About In a Company

With the job landscape changing rapidly, it’s essential for companies to evaluate what they offer employees to maintain their competitive edge. What do potential hires and current employees really care about in a company? We surveyed a range of professionals and these three factors ranked as the most important:       1. Capable Management  Having …

Onboarding: Beyond Orientation

The other day, I asked an HR Manager about her onboarding process. She responded by outlining a routine that involved copying two forms of identification from the new hire, reviewing insurance information, having them sit through a mandatory sexual harassment video, and discussing some administrative policies. I had to smile – was this onboarding? Not …

Are you being ghosted?

Are You Being Ghosted During Your Hiring Process? This Might Be Why…

Getting ghosted by candidates is increasingly common. A significant number of candidates are not showing up for interviews, responding to job offers, or beginning work on the start date. Ghosting became even more common when the coronavirus pandemic hit. More employees leaving their jobs meant there were more job openings. Additional hiring to fill the …

Should You Try to Keep GenZers (and Everyone Else) on the Job?

LinkedIn’s Workforce Confidence Index  looked at what would prompt different generations of workers to change jobs. When asked, “Why change jobs?”, the following were high on the list for all generations but for GenZers (those born after 1997): 80% wanted better alignment with their interests and values 76% wanted more opportunities to learn Better compensation …