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Is your trendy resume hindering your job search?

Is Your Trendy Resume Hindering Your Job Search?

Every day we receive and review countless resumes, many of which are visually stunning. They come with colorful sidebars, intricate designs, and multi-column layouts that are quite impressive. At first glance, such trendy designs might

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Pay Transparency in NYS double edged sword nordstrom williams

Pay Transparency in NYS: A Double-Edged Sword?

In the ever-shifting landscape of employment rights and practices, New York State has taken a step towards addressing wage disparities with the introduction of the Pay Transparency Law. While the legislation aims to promote fairness

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Handshake vs Handhold: Why Onboarding is not Orientation by Nordstrom Williams

Handshake vs. Handhold: Beyond Orientation

The other day, I asked an HR Manager about her onboarding process. She responded by outlining a routine that involved copying two forms of identification from the new hire, reviewing insurance information, having them sit

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