Case Study: Accounting for Construction Excellence

Setting the Scene

A dynamic architectural and engineering firm in Buffalo, boasting around 100 employees and a
robust 10% annual growth, faced a unique challenge: they needed a Project Billing Accountant.
This wasn’t just any accountant, but one with specialized software expertise tailored for the
construction industry. A formidable task, but Nordstrom Williams was more than ready to take it

The Quest Unfolds

Employing our proven Search Process Checklist, we embarked on a comprehensive search.
Our focus extended beyond technical skills; we sought a professional who would integrate
seamlessly with the firm’s ethos, balancing technical acumen with a cultural fit. The candidate
was interviewed within six days, and an offer was extended the very next day.

A Smooth Integration

Typically, the firm’s HR department takes its time, doing its own due diligence. But thanks to our
thorough prep work and communication with HR, the offer was made without delay. Getting
offers accepted the same day they’re made is a hallmark of our success. The candidate, ready
and willing, joined the firm 27 days after the quest began.

In Conclusion

This case underscores our philosophy: recruitment is not merely about filling a
position but about discovering individuals ready to contribute meaningfully to a team. At
Nordstrom Williams, we understand the urgency to fill key positions and make it easy for
stakeholders to hire once the candidate is found.