Case Study: Anchoring Architectural Talent

The Voyage Begins

Nordstrom Williams recently undertook a significant recruitment challenge for a prominent architectural and engineering firm in Buffalo. This firm, renowned for its dynamic projects and a team of about 50 professionals, required a specialized recruitment approach. This case study highlights our capability to navigate complex job requirements and align them with candidate aspirations.


The partnership with this client originated from a construction industry conference, where our
owner met a partner of the firm. Months later, the chance meeting resulted in a search
assignment. The task was to find an Architect with substantial experience in commercial
projects. The firm traditionally relied on internal hiring and was initially skeptical about using an
external recruiter. The challenge was to identify a candidate who not only excelled
professionally but also would be an ideal fit for the firm’s culture and mentorship roles.

Charting the Course

Nordstrom Williams employed a meticulous approach, adhering to the firm’s established Search
Process Checklist. The strategy included crafting a compelling narrative about the role and the
company, extensive research using internal and external databases, advanced internet
sourcing, and proactive networking.

To deeply understand the role and company culture, we utilized a comprehensive Client Intake
Process, focusing not just on job specifics but also on work/life balance, company culture,
project diversity, and unique benefits.

The recruitment process was thorough, beginning with resume and social media evaluations,
initial phone screenings against a skills matrix, rigorous vetting, and final interviews.


The effectiveness of our approach was clear: within 18 days, we conducted the first
interview, and in just 8 days, an offer was extended. Remarkably, the candidate joined the firm
within 31 days from the initiation of the search. The client’s satisfaction was immediate, leading
to a subsequent requisition weeks later.

Unique Approach

What distinguished Nordstrom Williams in this scenario was the nuanced
management of candidate expectations and decision-making. The selected candidate, in high
demand in the market, was guided through multiple offers, reflecting our expertise in negotiation
and candidate engagement.


This case represents Nordstrom Williams’ perfect blend of understanding client
needs, efficient process management, and candidate alignment. Our ability to navigate the
complexities of the recruitment process, coupled with their understanding of both the
candidate’s and the client’s requirements, has established them as a preferred recruiting partner
for the architectural and engineering firm.