Case Study: Navigating Sales Leadership

The Voyage’s Origin

Envision a thriving manufacturing company, steered by a dedicated President who, in the
absence of an HR department, chose Nordstrom Williams not only as recruiters but as strategic
partners. Since 2018, we’ve played a pivotal role in their growth, successfully placing 20 people,
including 10 in 2023. The firm’s rapid expansion required the addition of a newly-created
Director of Sales position.

The Recruitment Strategy

The search for the Director of Sales began with helping the President define the role and outline
responsibilities and compensation structure. Our recruiting strategy involved an extensive reach
into social media, with LinkedIn serving as a primary platform. This focused effort led to the
identification of several standout candidates.

Efficient Candidate Selection

Within just 15 days, a promising candidate was identified, initiating a thorough vetting process. A week later, this individual was meeting with the President. And then, late on a Friday of a long holiday weekend, the offer was made and accepted. The entire recruitment cycle, from initiation to acceptance, was completed in 38 days.

Overcoming Countercurrents

This wasn’t just any recruit; the candidate was highly valued at their previous company.
Anticipating a potential counteroffer, we prepared the candidate to manage the situation
effectively. For a busy President, having a recruiter who not only screens and presents the best
candidate, but also delivers that talent on the start date is invaluable.

Impactful Results

The outcome was more than satisfactory. The new Sales Director exceeded
expectations, significantly boosting sales, and contributing to the company’s success. Within six
months, the company engaged Nordstrom Williams once again to recruit another key sales
team member.


Nordstrom Williams transcends the traditional role of a recruiter; we act as a
strategic ally, guiding business leaders in their quest for top talent. Our focus is not just on
finding individuals but on assembling teams that drive companies to achieve and surpass their