A resume can't tell the whole story.

Ever waste time interviewing “the perfect candidate” only to find that all those skills listed on the resume didn’t reflect actual work experience? We get details and substance to support our candidates’ credentials. And we tell their story- not just what they have done, but what they can do and where they want to be.

Trust us to find top talent.

Your job specs are just the beginning of our process. We identify your priorities, team objectives, and traits of your successful hires. Then we hunt for the top talent. Our skills matrix shows you at a glance how our referral matches up and why we think it is a good fit. You can trust us to find the people who will thrive in your workplace.



Civil Engineering


Our Steps

Step 1: Information Sharing

We spend the time to understand your current and future needs, and the key skills and characteristics for success. We share our knowledge of the talent acquisition trends in your industry, competitive salary data, availability of candidates, and our timeframe for completing the engagement.

Step 2: Searching and Screening

Our search methods target the best talent in your industry- whether they are actively job hunting or not. Then we screen them thoroughly for technical skills, work style, salary, and career goals. We report our progress at regularly scheduled intervals and arrange interviews at times that are convenient for you.

Step 3: Managing the Hiring Process

Don’t be surprised if the first person we refer is the one you want to hire. We have a knack for finding the perfect fit! But our job doesn’t end there- we will help you make an offer that is accepted, coach the candidate through the resignation and notice period, and stay in touch as your new hire settles into the new job.

Let us help you build your team.

We are happy to schedule a time to chat outside of regular business hours.